Clearly See Your Customers

Wine Glass Marketing is a consulting service focused on Direct-to-Consumer acquisition, sales and retention for the wine industry based on the philosophy that your customer database is your most valuable marketing tool outside of your employees.

Finding your faults…just like Mom

Data can be predictive and broad, or introspective and specific.  Sometimes an overview analysis is helpful, where other times continual metric dashboards are what is needed. We work with whatever customer data you have, or help you set up systems to collect the customer information needed, to identify strategies to focus on, as well as the marketing tactics to meet those strategies.

Is the glass half full…or half empty?

Not sure where to start?  We will work with your business objectives to determine what is best for you.  But, regardless of your size or current situation, uncovering segments, trends, opportunities and issues with your customer will tell you a great deal about your business and provide insight into how to increase sales.

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