A little experience often upsets a lot of theory.
S. Parkes Cadman

Credentials and Background

I have been marketing since 1989 when I started writing press releases for Franklin Sports Industries in Massachusetts. Graduating right after the Regan years in cold New England was depressing, so when Silicon Valley sprung up in the early 90’s, I became fascinated with the internet and quickly moved to San Francisco to experience the rise, and eventual fall, of the internet marketing boom. (I still quietly weep for Webvan.) While spending millions on banner campaigns and spinning, flaming logos and flash movies was fun, we knew this couldn’t last.

We quickly found that the internet not only provided a way to watch dancing, animated hamsters but a wealth of data, and an unprecedented ability to connect with customers. Where previously focus groups and long-term tracking studies were needed to see what customers thought and felt about a company, information now comes instantly direct from the source in a constant flow, and all you need to do is listen.

After working on brands like Intel, Motorola, Sprint and Dell, I eventually gave in to my inner heathen to embrace my true love of food and wine. I made a move to the Wine Country in 2006, got a second degree from the Napa Valley College School of Viticulture and Technology, became a Certified Sommelier and a Certified Specialist in Wine from the Society for Wine Educators.

Since moving to Napa, I have had the pleasure of working to build customer connections for over 100 wineries. (Call for references.)

I believe when you are true to you brand and your wine, and honestly interact with customers, there is no better way to sell a product.

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