Respect.  Delight.  Empathy.  Authenticity.  Appreciation.

Did you experience any of these things today?  Did your customer?

What does “Authentic” mean to you?  To me it is a “less is more” approach.  If you are authentic to you talk to your customers with segmented offers through preferred channels rather than at them with a generic email offer to your entire database.  If you are authentic you create scenarios to intersect and acquire new customers at targeted, smaller events where you can discuss and engage, not be a bartender.  If you are authentic you provide multiple opportunities for your customers to interact with you, via the web, phone and mobile.


This is the wonderful thing about the customer touch points we can create now with technology. a) Digital marketing is immediate and easy to change/mold/follow relationships. b) Direct Marketing is trackable and you can learn from your mistakes and build on your successes.

So, you may not agree with the below, and in two months the market or customer may change and I may not agree with the below, but for right now, these are my current rules for good Direct-to-Consumer marketing in the wine industry.

Top Five Turn Ons

Top Five Turn Offs