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I have been working with Vin65 since it was called IBG in 2005.  In that time, I have contribute to over 150 websites on the Vin65 platform.  I will gladly provide references upon request.

I work with the back-end of the Vin65 system (either set up or ongoing business functions.)  Think of me as the engine mechanic, rather than the body shop.  It doesn’t matter to me what you site looks like on the outside…I keep the inside of it humming along.

-What I do-

Data migration

Vin65 no longer provides data migration services.  I can get all your information (customers, clubs, credit cards, historical orders) from other sources into Vin65.  This includes:

  • Microworks/WineDirectNonDigital
  • eWinery
  • eCellars
  • Cultivate
  • AMS
  • RMS/NVPOS/Ellipses
  • VinNow
  • Anything else that can be exported into excel, txt, or csv file.

Quickbooks Synchronization

Vin65 will work with Transaction Pro Importer…but not right out of the box.  You need to map this exactly with how your Quickbooks is set up.  I work with a partner and can do this, usually in an afternoon.

  • Click here for a document that will help you identify if this solution might work for you.
  • Click here for an on-boarding document to get started.

Content Set up/Template Tweaks

  • Vin65 does not move your content in for you.  Content are your pictures, or copy, tasting room hours, products, skus, etc.  You can do this yourself, or I can do this if you don’t have the time to.
  • If you’ve chosen a template, you might be 90% happy with it but want some changes.  I can help you make the template your own.

Shipping/Compliance/Tax set up

  • You need to have Vin65 apply the right rates to the right states at the right time.  I can do this for you.  In some cases, I can help integrate Vin65 with your fulfillment vendor (see the documentation site for vendors Vin65 works with.)

POS Set up

  • If Vin65 is new to you, or you’ve just decided to add on the POS, I can set it up and create buttons.


  • From on the phone tutorials, or in person staff trainings to printed manuals.  I can help get you familiar with your Vin65 ecommerce or POS system.

Ongoing Maintenance

While Vin65 is designed for wineries to be able to maintain the site by themselves, some wineries need someone for overflow, or just want to outsource this.  I can help you with the ongoing maintenance tasks such as:ChannelDevelopment

  • New Product updates
  • Promos and seasonal sales
  • Page additions and changes
  • Event additions
  • Recipe additions
  • List export/cleanup/management within Vin65, or to another system like Vertical Response, Constant Contact or Mail Chimp
  • Email creation and send
  • Google Analytics review and site performance dashboards
  • Monthly reports, or synching to Quickbooks

Ongoing Support

Vin65 offers support packages that are great.  If you want similar help without support tickets by someone who knows your business, I charge the same amount and, as a power user, can typically figure out your issue.

-What I don’t do-

Site design.  But I work well with designers and can recommend some if you’re looking for a custom site.  I can also act as a project manager for you and coordinate your design team and Vin65 to get your site launched.

-How I charge-

I charge an hourly rate of $100 an hour, I bill at the end each month, all costs (e.g. if I arrange a photoshoot to get your new products online) are passed through without markup, and you can cancel at anytime.

Interested?  Drop me a note below.

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